Writing Contests

Why enter a writing contest one may ask.  Well, it’s simple, sort of.  First, there’s the hopeful feeling that just maybe the piece you entered will win and you’ll have all of those wonderful prizes.

Okay, that said, let’s look at some other reasons.

Writing contests will challenge you in a couple of ways.  Do you have a certain number of words that must be completed in a relatively short period of time?  That will help you concentrate on discipline.  You will have to stay focused; not get side tracked by social media and procrastination (something all of us are guilty of at one time or another).

The awareness you are up against other outstanding writers will or should cause you to strive to write the very best piece you can.  After all, you do want your work to be noticed, do you not?

Contests will force you to become more organized.  You will use your time a little more wisely and if one is in the habit of editing as you go…you’ll need to re-think that.  Not that editing as you go is a bad thing…but sometimes it’s counter-productive and we’ll get into that another time.

So….if you decide to accept the challenge, then go for it.  Win or not, you’ll come away with some positive enforcement and improvement and that’s a very good thing..So, you win anyway.

Happy writing; Happy reading.


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