Today, I had a rude awakening and it sort of hurts.

As we know, our name is our brand.  Anything negative about us will come back to haunt us, sooner or later.

What’s my point?  Well, a friend asked me to help a young writer get started on his first novel.  His name isn’t important.  What is important is what happened.

I contacted the man and introduced myself.  After finding out what he needed to begin, I gave him all the information I could to get him started.  The information was valuable as is my time, but I spent over an hour with him so he could get started writing.

Today, my friend informed me he had blocked her, so in checking, I found out he also blocked me.  This after he took all the information from me that I had given him.  I had given him the tools to organize, gave him pointers, etc.

So, this is what I’ve decided to do.  Will I help anyone asking for help?  Sure!  Will I invest that much time in the beginning?  No.  I’ll give them enough information to get started…then wait and see what they do with it and if they come back and ask for more help.

One bad experience will not define me.  However, his utter lack of respect to the publisher who signed him will define him.  Perhaps he’s finished before he even began and that’s just sad.  Sad for him and maybe for us.  Who knows?  He could have been a great author and I do wish him success, but he now has a black mark against the brand he has yet to develop.  Those are hard to get rid of.


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