Good morning all!

I decided to take a moment and chat about writing programs.

We all have our favorites.  Mine happens to be yWriter5.  Why?  Well, I’ll tell you.  First, once you become accustomed to it, it’s a snap.  This program has eliminated almost all of those pesky sticky notes I used to keep track of character names, interviews with the characters, locations, items used, and yes, at one time I did use a story board.  Now thanks to yWriter5 I have all of that at my fingertips.

Another great thing is that in using yWriter5 you are able to break down your work into chapters and then break down the chapters into scenes.

Why is that great?  Well, if you’re at all like me, once the work is finished and editing begins, maybe that scene in chapter six would work better in chapter three, for example.  It’s a simple matter of moving that scene where you want it.

Another great feature is this…once you have the scene where you want it, all you have to do is highlight is and copy and paste to say a Word program.

Does it add more work?  Yeah, maybe in the beginning, but it sure helps bring your work together faster in the long run and makes editing so much easier.

Now, I’ve tried just writing my books in Word and going from there and it was a disaster for me…and then add in all those pesky notes lying around…well, it was a real mess.

Now, I’m not saying this is going to work for everybody just because it works for me.  Find your own way, but for Heaven’s sake write!

One last thing.  yWriter5 is a free program and let’s face it…free is always good!

Happy Writing!



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