Hi everyone and Happy Holidays to you all.

That said…time to get down to the nitty gritty.

The title says, “When it hits”  and you’re wondering what I’m talking about.  Well, wait no longer.

When it hits you that you are indeed a writer.  Suddenly, you’re looking at a piece you wrote or a book you labored on and it hits you, “Oh my God!!!  I’m a writer.”

Who can deny that cold feeling in the pit of your stomach as the realization sinks in?  The realization that your work is out there for folks to read can be a little daunting, to say the least and with that comes the uncertainty.  Will they like it?  Do I have more to offer?  Where do I go with this?

Well, first things first.  Breathe.  Then step back and take stock.  Take a moment to congratulate yourself.  Now, get back to work.

A writer is many things.  Articulate?  Yes.  Imaginative?  Of course.  We’re also only as good as our last work.  So, climb back into the saddle and get back to work.

Self-published or traditionally published makes no difference, and with the changing times, self-published is as good as those traditionally published.  So, again, congratulate yourself, then get back to work.  Don’t let the uncertainty gnaw at you.

Do the best work you can…give your readers something to rave about and keep on telling yourself, “Wow, I’m a writer.”

That’s an awesome thing to admit.  You’re a writer.  You’ve followed your dream.  Good for you.  Forge your own path and keep on going.

You’re a writer!  Awesome!!!


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