How hard can it be?  You just sit and make stuff up and write it down, right?

How many times have we heard that…or variations of the same?

They just don’t get it.  They don’t understand the hours of research that can and often times will go into a project.  They don’t understand the search for the right word or phrase.  They have no understanding how difficult it can be to paint pictures with words AND they don’t understand the re-writing and editing process.

Non-writers don’t get it.  Should we be angry about their lack of understanding?  Well, no.  It’s not their fault.  Maybe the most they have ever written was that theme in grade school…so they, the non-writers, forget how difficult it was to write a theme of perhaps, 100 words or so.

So, when a non-writer asks, “How hard is it?”  Grit your teeth…take a deep breath and pray for patience so you won’t choke the ever lovin’ snot out of the questioner.  Smile and say…”Harder than you think.”

Don’t elaborate.  They won’t get it.

Stay Calm…Happy Writing and Happy Reading!



2 thoughts on “HOW HARD IS IT?

  1. reybooks says:

    Now I feel guilty because I actually don’t have a hard time writing at all. I’ve never had writer’s block, I tried doing research, rewrites and outlines once and never wrote the book because I was creating background stories for the characters. I haven’t done that again. I only edit for spelling and never do rewrites. I’m not being arrogant, in fact just the opposite. For this reason I know my ability to write is a God given talent. Sure there are better writers than myself but I love what I’m doing and get great response from Readers. I look at it like this, if someone reads my books and thinks, how hard can this be? I hope it encourages them to go for their dreams.

  2. You are very lucky. I’m more of an anal soul…so I have to research, check and double check to make sure I don’t mess up the details in a story. So, don’t you dare feel guilty because you have found a way that works for you! Just enjoy!

    As for writer’s block…truth be told…the day after my heart attack, I suffered from hypoxia (diminished O2) and now words that had come easily to me don’t. Sometimes I have to search for them…so I leave x’s as place holders where I couldn’t find the right phrase or word.

    But, I love what I do…so I’ll keep on keepin’ on. 😀

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