Okay..I admit it.  I’m still new to this blogging stuff, but I’m beginning to see how important it is.

Writers love to share our ideas.  It’s the reason we became writers.  Blogging, on the other hand is a whole different animal.

So, this is what I think about blogging.

First…don’t blog just to blog.  You’ll lose any credibility you may have.

Second…try to keep them short.  Folks don’t have a whole lot of time to spare to read long blogs…BUT the exception would be interviews.  If you have an interview or choose to re-blog an interview…that’s wonderful and a great way to get your own ideas across.

Third…slow and steady is best.  All of us would love to have tons of folks follow our blogs…and I believe it will come a little at a time.  So, be patient.  All good things comes to those who wait.

Fourth…and maybe this is the most important…have fun with it.  If it gets to be a drag and is no longer fun it’s going to reflect on your content.

These are my thoughts, anyway.

Sooooo….Happy Blogging, Happy Writing and Happy Reading.


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