No one understands a writer more than another writer.  Civilians, I suppose we could call them, don’t get it.

They don’t understand our being absorbed in a work in progress.  They can’t understand why we pull out our notebooks at inopportune times and make quick notes.  They can’t understand the frustration we exhibit when a phrase or word won’t come.  They can’t understand our elation when the writing goes well…and for sure they don’t get our excitement when the story is told and that new novel or novella or short story is released for others to enjoy.

Writers understand it all.  We understand the groans we let loose when we look at a manuscript and see all those pesky little x’s we put in place of a work or phrase that didn’t come to us right away.  We understand the need for re-writes and good editing and finding that perfect cover.  We understand the need for promotions and marketing and all the rest.

So, with all of that said…it’s important to find good writing groups.  Those groups who will allow us to share not just our work, but the work of other authors/writers.

Sure, we’re in competition.  Competition is good.  But!  We’re not cutthroat people, either.

So…find those groups…share your pages, and like other author’s pages.

I myself have a list of books on my Christmas wish list from other authors.  Not all write in the same genre as myself…but we, as writers need to stretch ourselves and step outside of our comfort zone.

So, support our fellow writers.  Follow or like or whatever their tweets, Face Book pages, Amazon and Good Reads pages.  It doesn’t take that long, but you’ll be amazed at just how wide your world will open up.

Happy Reading; Happy Writing!



2 thoughts on “SUPPORT

  1. Great post! Thank you!

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