Book Covers

I’m sure we’ve all heard the old chestnut, “Never judge a book by it’s cover.”  While that is true for almost everything, it simply isn’t true when it comes to books.

What is true is this.  Readers are going to judge our work by our covers.  They have to be catchy, maybe a little kitchy, but they absolutely have to draw the reader in.

A slick cover is essential and it frightens me sometimes when I see that writers are going to make their own.  That only works if you know what you are doing.

Look.  This isn’t rocket science.  A writer is a writer…a cover designer is a cover designer…and rarely will the twain meet.

Leave it to the pros, kids.  It will cost little in comparison to what would be lost with an ill-designed book cover.

Anyway…this is my thought on this.

Happy Writing and Happy Reading.


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