Editors are a necessary evil.  Without them, I would hate to think what our written works would be like.

That said, let’s take a moment and think just why they are necessary.  Well, we’ve written our novel/novella.  It’s great!  We’ve had some kick-ass ideas and got them down on paper.

Then comes the next process.  The dreaded re-write.  Let’s face it.  After the sixth, seventh or eighth re-write, our brains our leaking out of our eyes and we’re thinking, “If I have to do this one more time, I’m gonna puke.”

Guess what!  This is where a good editor comes in.  Why?  Well, because we’ve been living with this manuscript for months.  We’re going to miss small errors, but a good editor is going to spot them and call you on it.

Then, there’s the part where we know where the story is going, but a good editor won’t.  He/she is going to spot inconsistencies and call us on it.

A good editor will be able to make suggestions, making sure it’s still your voice.

So, a good editor is essential and yes, they can be expensive, but they are necessary.

We, who are indie authors have to ensure our work is the very best it can be.  We’re breaking new ground and getting rid of prejudices every time we pen a new work.  More importantly, though…we owe it to our readers to give them the very best work we can.

So, yeah.  Dig in.  Find a good editor.  Don’t be shy to ask for references.  We’re hiring them, after all.

Happy Reading Happy Writing.


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