When I wrote my first book, I thought I knew everything.  Boy, was I wrong.  I look at that book now and think, yeah, it’s okay, but not that fantastic.  I’m grateful my readers didn’t run screaming.

I studied after that, learned more and wrote a second book.  Redemption was much better than Gabriel’s Gate…and I garnered new readers, which is always a plus.

Then, I started my third book.  I hired an editor that is not only a perfectionist, but is brilliant in that she can make suggestions while retaining my own voice.  This work is much tighter.

So, what have I learned?  Well, I learned you don’t have to explain every single detail.  Let the reader use his/her imagination.

I’ve learned you do not have to take the reader one day at a time.  It’s okay to skip a few days and let the reader know that some time has passed in a mini-back story.

I’ve learned that the more you write, the better your work is.  Yes, you’re still going to have to re-write that story…it’s still going to need an editor, but you find, or at least I did, it’s easier to paint the word pictures.  All it takes is practice.

Happy reading and Happy writing.


2 thoughts on “Improving

  1. docbates6100 says:

    That’s my kind of blog: short, informative, and entertaining. I found a great editor, too. Unfortunately, it was just after I had finished publishing Boom!!…Killers. Tis okay, though, because he’s on board for this one.

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