In the Home Stretch

House on Ransom Hill is coming into the home stretch…and I feel a little sad.  Why?  Well, I’ve gotten to know my characters intimately and they are like old friends or more accurately, children.  It’s time to send them out into the world and hope others like them and are kind to them.  Sadly, we know that doesn’t always happen.

It’s also coming to the point in the whole writing experience where we have to promote and that sort of feels like selling them off.  Of course, we’re not, but it still sort of feels that way.

So, as writers, we send these characters that have been part of our lives for a year or more into the world and wish them Godspeed before turning our eyes to new characters, new plots, and new places.

It’s all part of the process and necessary…but still it’s a little saddening to see them go.

Well…here’s to other projects, new friends, new places to explore.

As long as the muse speaks to me, I’ll keep on writing.

Happy writing everyone…and happy reading!


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