Getting Rich

Let’s face it folks.  The odds of any of us getting rich like a Steven King, Nora Roberts, etc.  are pretty slim.

So, why do we do what we do?  Easy!  We love it.  Where else can we put our thoughts, research and stuff out there to entertain or inform?  We write because we love writing, with all of it’s aggravations and challenges.

The way I see it…if I can help someone forget their problems for a few hours, that’s my reward.  Sure, the extra money is nice and all.  But, that shouldn’t be the driving force. The driving force should be telling your story.  At least this is how I feel.

Luckily, I’m retired.  I get to work in my jammies, or get dressed or whatever I want to do.  I can sip coffee all day long while pounding the keyboard.

Would it be nice if I made a pile of money…sure it would…but the odds of that happening are nil…and still I’ll write until I can’t anymore.

We all have a tale to tell.  Let that drive you.  If you make a few bucks..great…if not, but you’ve entertained or informed, that’s even better.

Happy writing…happy reading.


3 thoughts on “Getting Rich

  1. reybooks says:

    I totally agree. Writing is a passion and if you don’t have the passion then maybe writing isn’t for you. But if you love to write and are more concerned with telling a story then you’re in the right business. Now having said that, does anyone have $10 I can have? (Notice I DID NOT say ‘Borrow’).

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