Dealing With A Bad Review

We all get them.  Those pesky bad reviews.  How to deal with them?  Well, it depends on the review.

Does that bad review have something to offer?  Are you getting several bad reviews that say the same thing?  If that’s the case, then you probably should take a good look at your work.  Maybe the reviewer noticed something you and your editors missed.

One thing to remember, though.  We all have our own individual style as well as genre.  We simply cannot please everyone.  Don’t even try.

Then we have the reviewer who will give a book a snarky review just for the sake of being snarky.  What motivates them?  Who the hell knows.  Jealousy perhaps.  An inflated ego, maybe.

A friend of mine wrote about his experiences in Vietnam.  The book was very well written.  Veterans who read Cherries said it took them back to those days.  My point?  Well, he had one reviewer who not only dissed the book, but questioned if the author had even been in Vietnam.  His review of Cherries showed one thing.  He was a critic wannabe.  He had nothing to offer.  And, those are the sort of reviews you simply ignore.

For myself, I’ve had a reviewer state that my books feel rushed.  To him, I’m sure they felt that way.  He and I have different styles and different messages.  It’s just a matter of looking at your work honestly.  If you can say it’s the best work you can do, then roll with it.

For the most part, if I’m given a bad review…and I have…I simply like the comment and move on.  It’s all we can and should do.

Happy writing and Happy reading.


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