Traditional Publishing vs Indie Publishing

There are two schools of thought.  One is, the money flows TO the author.  The other is, getting published is all that matters.  Neither schools are all wrong, nor are they completely correct.

Indie publishing is losing the stigma it once had.  That’s a very good thing.  BUT!!!  That doesn’t mean we authors can just slop through our work.  It isn’t fair to our readers and it isn’t fair to ourselves.

We work hard on our manuscripts, and it should be as well-edited as humanly possible.  Which brings me to editors.  We shouldn’t settle on just anyone to edit our work.  And, this is most important…be sure to go over your galleys with a fine tooth comb.  Why?  Well, editors are human and they make mistakes, too.


Now we come to traditional publishing.  Sadly, most of the good houses will not even consider your work unless you are represented by a reputable agent.  Good luck finding one.  I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s pretty damn hard.  Still, if you are lucky enough to find one, then what?  As we all know, most of the traditional publishing houses are ran by accountants.  They’re main concern is the bottom line.  That’s important.  If a publishing house goes out of business, where will we send our work in the hopes of becoming the next Steven King or Nora Roberts.


All that being said…I chose to go with the Indie houses.  Why?  Well, at my age, I don’t have a lot of time to spend trying to find a good agent, then have him or her shop around, then waiting another year or so before my work comes out.  Second reason.  I write what I’m comfortable writing.  We all know sex sells.  That’s fine.  Not in my books.  Sorry.  To me, it feels like inviting folks into my bedroom.  I’m just not comfortable with that.


So with all this being said, I’ll continue to go the route that works for me.  After all, my very first book was bought by a traditional publishing house.  My advance check bounced and the manuscript is locked in a vault until the outcome of hearings and such is determined.  I could be dead by the time that book ever sees daylight again.


I’ll be posting on here with tips for those who opt for self-publishing or Indie publishing.

For right now…all I can say is be sure your work is free of grammar and spelling errors.  Make it the very best you can.

We’re making headway in the whole publishing thing…let’s not blow it.


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